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Agency For Civil Society Organizations (ACSO)
UNIC-ETHIOPIA  4th - 8th Floor

Subcity: Arada
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Addis Ababa Ethiopia Email:
Phone: (+251) 5-58-24-10/36
Fax: (+251) 5-58-18-25
P.O.Box: 14340

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Duties and Responsibilities of the monitoring and support directorate

  • Perform monitoring proceeding sat desk as well as in the field.
  • Evaluate the audit report of charities. 
  • Evaluate the charities, their subsequent year plan and give feedback
  • Make sure that the project of the charities is based on the applicable rules and regulations.
  • Ensure the charities’ foreign members of staff pay out the levy.
  • Provide the license.
  • Ensure that the 70/30 and 10/90 rules as well as regulations are applied appropriately.
  • Close up the charities and societies based on their request.
  • Close up the charities and societies that reject rules and regulations.
  • Charge those charities and societies that contradict the rules and regulations.
  • Deliver support to the charities that require it.
  • Assist the charity to evaluate themselves with their stance against rent seeking and corruption.
  • Create consciousness for the charities that combine religious activities with development and development activities with human right in their doing. Take the necessary measures based on the findings.
  • Select successful charities and encourage them.

  • Ensure that charities are devoted to support vulnerable people and recognize gender equality.

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