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The Significance of an Organizational Rule and Its Contents

  • 1). All organizations must have rules containing the following:
    • A) The organization’s name
    • B) The organization’s objectives
    • C) The organization’s executive body, power and functions, internal governance and structure, meeting and decision-making procedures
    • D) A stipulation indicating that the organization’s income and resources may not be distributed to members or employees except for payment of legally permitted service fees;
    • E) A stipulation indicating that the organization’s members or employees do not have an automatic right over the organizations resource only by the mere fact of their membership;
    • F) A stipulation indicating that the organization has a separate and independent legal personality and symbol from its members;
    • G) A stipulation indicating that Change of Members of the organization do not have effect on the existence of the organization;
    • H) Membership does not devolve by inheritance;
    • I) The organization’s accounts and financial transactions Will be managed by an accepted accounting system;
    • J) The supreme body of the organization will examine and approve the organization’s financial and work plan and performance;
    • K) Procedure for amending the rules;
    • L) The organization’s budget year;
    • M) The organizational body that will decide to dissolve and close the organization, and the procedures to be followed;
    • N) A stipulation indicating that during dissolution, once the debts of the organization are paid the outstanding money and property shall be transferred to another organization named by the organization’s supreme body or to another body through the agency or to the fund established under this proclamation.


  • 2). In addition to the information mentioned above. The rules the organization may also include:  
    • A) Requirements that must be fulfilled for membership
    • B) Reasons for termination or suspension of membership
    • C) Internal procedures for appealing from decisions to terminate or suspend membership;
    • D) Procedures for imposing and collecting membership and other fees;
    • E) The power, procedure for appointment and procedure for removal of executive members of the organization;
    • F) The powers and functions and procedure for the appointment and accountability of the officers of the organization;
    • G) Whether or not the organization performs fundraising activities; 

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