Agency For Civil Society Organizations

የሲቪል ማኅበረሰብ ድርጅቶች ኤጀንሲ


Agency For Civil Society Organizations (ACSO)
UNIC-ETHIOPIA  4th - 8th Floor

Subcity: Arada
Woreda: 1 
Addis Ababa Ethiopia Email:
Phone: (+251) 5-58-24-10/36
Fax: (+251) 5-58-18-25
P.O.Box: 14340

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The Agency shall have the following objectives

  • Create conducive environment for the full exercise of freedom of association in accordance with the stipulations of the FDRE Constitution and international agreements ratified by Ethiopia; 
  • Ensure maximum public benefit by supervising whether organizations carry on their activities in accordance with their registered objectives; 
  • Build the capacity of organizations to enable them to accomplish their objectives effectively;
  • Foster the culture of philanthropy and volunteerism in the society;
  • Encourage and support organizations to make sure that they have internal governance systems which ensure transparency, accountability and participation;
  • Put in place mechanisms to strengthen positive working relations between organizations and the government;
  • Support the civil society organization self-regulation and self-Administration system.

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