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Agency For Civil Society Organizations (ACSO)
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The formation of organizations shall be governed by the following principles:

  • An organization may be formed for definite or an indefinite period;
  • Membership in any organization shall be voluntary. A member may withdraw from membership at will.
  • An organization shall have the right to freely determine the criteria for membership;
  • Any person has the right to become a member in as long as he fulfills the criteria for membership set by the organization;
  • Every member shall have equal vote.
  • Organizations may not be established for the purpose of distributing profit to members;
  • The formation and internal governance of organizations shall be based on democratic principles, non-discriminatory, independent and neutral.
  • An organization shall be managed by persons elected by the full participation of the organs authorized by its rules;
  • An organization may not admit or dismiss members except in accordance with its rules.
  • The Agency shall prepare model rules that may be used by Organizations.   

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