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For the purpose of this Sub-section local organization may be formed as:

  • An association;
  • A Board-led Organization;
  • A charitable endowment;
  • A charitable trust; or
  • A Charitable Committee.


  • For the purpose of this Sub-section An association is an organization formed by five or more members and governed by a General Assembly as the supreme decision-making body; for the purpose of this Proclamation it shall include professional associations.
  • An association may have a General Assembly, Executive Committee, Manager, Auditor and other departments as may be necessary. Details regarding the structure and governance of an association will be determined by its rules.

Board-led Organization

  • For the purpose of this sub-section board-led organization means formed by two or more founders, it’s Board being the supreme organ.
  • The board shall have a minimum of five and a maximum of thirteen members.
  • The first board members shall be designated by the founders. The term of service and appointment procedures for subsequent board members shall be prescribed by the rules of the organization.
  • Persons who are related by consanguinity or affinity with the officers of the Organization may not be Board members.
  • A board-led organization shall have a manager accountable to the Board and necessary staff as may be necessary. The particulars shall be determined by the rules of the organization.

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